Tokyogasgroup csr report

  • Enhancement of Energy Security
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Contribution to Local Communities
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base

Top Commitment

CSR News Headlines

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Internal Audit Department

Our company has established the Internal Audit Department as an internal au...

Contribution to the Environment
Environmental Protection Guidelines

Framework for Establishing the Guidelines Index

The framework for establishing quantitative indices for the Environmental P...

Contribution to Local Communities
Targets and Performance

Enriching Our Life and Culture

<Reasons for identification of material aspects> To pursue activities leve...

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Questionnaire Results and Highlights of Feedback
Questionnaire Results and Highlights of Feedback

Feedback Highlights

■Views on safety and disaster prevention Tokyo Gas should continue to...

Supply Chain Management
CSR Efforts throughout Supply Chain

Specifications for common environmental management

Specifications for common environmental management provide rules for constr...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Production of City Gas

Stable Production of City Gas and Strict Quality Control

■Stable production of city gas Our four city gas production terminals pr...

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CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Benefits of Natural Gas and City Gas Systems

Stable and Highly Efficient City Gas Supply

We import LNG from overseas by tanker and store it in LNG tanks at LNG term...

Contribution to the Environment
Efforts in the Electric Power Business

Cutting-Edge High-Efficiency Natural Gas Power Plants

Tokyo Gas currently has stakes in power plants operated by Tokyo Gas Baypow...

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CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Tokyo Gas Group’s LNG Value Chain and Key Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development

Overseas Upstream and Midstream/Downstream Operations

Overseas Business Expansion   Main activities In addit...



J-Credit Scheme A program by which reductions and sequestra...

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CSR Data
Third-Party Independent Assurance Report

About Third-Party Assurance

The social and environmental performance indicators (data on human resource...

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2015 CSR Report (Digest edition) / CSR Report (PDF)

2017 2016 2015 2014 2015 CSR Report (Digest edition) / CS...

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
CSR Promotion System and Its Implementation

CSR Promotion System

Tokyo Gas created a CSR promotion system by setting up a CSR Promotion Comm...

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Basic Concept of CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group

Promoting CSR and Implementing Our Management Philosophy and Corporate Action Philosophy

Tokyo Gas Group believes that promoting CSR is synonymous with implementing...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer-oriented Structure and Activities

■Customer-oriented CS Mindset In order to continue to be the customer's fi...

Contribution to the Environment
Basic Policy

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Contribution to the Environment
Saving Energy by Improving Use

Saving Energy by Improving Use

Tokyo Gas is working with the owners of the buildings it occupies, their fa...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Action on Diversity

Top Commitment

Tokyo Gas Group will promote diversity to ensure sustainable growth and dev...