Tokyogasgroup csr report

  • Enhancement of Energy Security
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Contribution to Local Communities
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base

Top Commitment

Enhancement of Energy Security
For the Safety of Our Customers

Enhancing the Quality of Gas and Water/Space Heating System Installation Work and Preserving Engineering Expertise

Tokyo Gas not only makes life more comfortable through the use of gas appli...

Contribution to the Environment
Promotion of Resource Saving

Toward the Creation of Resource-Saving Society

Practicing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) is essential to creating a ...

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CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Basic Concept of CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group

Basic Policy on CSR

The Tokyo Gas Group believes that the foundation of CSR lies in achieving...

CSR News Headlines

Contribution to the Environment
Efforts in the Electric Power Business

Promotion of Renewable Energies

The Group is expanding its procurements of electricity from renewable sourc...

Contribution to Local Communities
Targets and Performance

Enriching Our Life and Culture

<Reasons for identification of material aspects> To pursue activities leve...

Promotion of Compliance
Thorough Implementation of Compliance

Compliance Practices

Tokyo Gas, our subsidiaries, and LIFEVAL companies organize a range of acti...

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Questionnaire Results and Highlights of Feedback
Questionnaire Results and Highlights of Feedback

Results of the Questionnaire on the Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report 2016

In order to obtain wide-ranging feedback from stakeholders, Tokyo Gas Group...

CSR News Headlines
「Global 100 世界で最も持続可能な100社」に選出されました



TES Abbreviation for Tokyogas Eco System. Tokyo ...

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Contribution to the Environment
Promotion of Smart Networks

Making Life Smarter

To promote smarter energy use in everyday life, we built an employee dormit...



ISO14001 The international standard for EMS developed ...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Measures Against Earthquake and Other Disasters

Recovery Measures

Gas supply can be resumed, swiftly and safely. Tokyo Gas will work to resu...

Contribution to the Environment
Environmental Protection Guidelines

Framework for Establishing the Guidelines Index

The framework for establishing quantitative indices for the Environmental P...

Contribution to the Environment
Popularization of High-Efficiency Home Gas Appliances and Systems

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Employment Situation

Building Positive Labor-Management Relations through Active Communication

All employees excluding management are members of the Tokyo Gas Labor Union...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Personnel Development and Career Development

Human Resource Development Programs

Our Human Resource Development Programs for training employees are composed...



Regenerative burner system An energy-saving system that com...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Structure of Our Personnel Management System and Appraisal

EvaluationGoal Management Systems

Role fulfillment evaluation system Role fulfilment evaluations are conduct...

CSR Data
Third-Party Independent Assurance Report

About Third-Party Assurance

The social and environmental performance indicators (data on human resource...

Contribution to the Environment
Action at the City Gas Production and Supply Stages

Utilization of LNG Cold Energy

One kilogram of -162 °C LNG has sufficient cold energy to freeze 2.5 kg of ...