Tokyogasgroup csr report

  • Enhancement of Energy Security
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Contribution to Local Communities
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Major ESG Ratings
Major ESG Ratings

Inclusion in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Indices

The Tokyo Gas Group is recognized for the overall high quality and balance ...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Development of the Electric Power Business

Expansion of Competitive Power Sources

Building an Optimal Portfolio of Power Sources Tokyo Gas recognizes that i...



Ballast water Water pumped aboard a ship to assist in ...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Procurement of LNG

Enhancement of LNG Transportation Arrangements

Through our wholly owned subsidiary Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd., we efficien...

Contribution to the Environment
Advancing and Expanding Natural Gas Use with Highly Efficient Commercial Gas Appliances and Systems

Development and Popularization of High-performance Industrial Furnaces and Steam Systems

The industrial sector dramatically reduces CO2 emissions by switching away ...

Contribution to the Environment
Promoting Smart Networks

Promoting Community-Wide Smart Energy Use

To create smart energy communities, we construct smart energy networks that...

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Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Engaging in Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial Accident Prevention

Industrial Accident Prevention Tokyo Gas has in place a company-wide occup...




Highly Earthquake-resistant Facilities We employ multiple layers of safety...

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
The Tokyo Gas Group’s Key CSR Activities and Materiality

The Tokyo Gas Group’s Key CSR Activities and Materiality

The Tokyo Gas Group sets targets for each materiality of its CSR activities...

Promotion of Compliance
Information Security Management

Basic Policies

The foundation of the Tokyo Gas Group’s brand value of “Safety, Security, a...

Corporate Governance
Management Structure

Board of Directors

In 2002, we significantly reduced the number of directors to increase the s...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Supplying City Gas

Patrolling High-pressure Gas Trunk Lines

High-pressure gas trunk lines are the arteries for transmitting city gas fr...

Promotion of Compliance
Information Security Management

Information Security Audit

The Internal Audit Department audits the Company and its subsidiaries and a...

Promotion of Compliance
Thorough Implementation of Compliance

Verification and Audit of Penetration of Compliance

Compliance Awareness Surveys We regularly conduct surveys of all employe...

Contribution to the Environment
Measures at Business Offices

Making Old Buildings Both Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Tokyo Gas introduced the Design Guidelines that care about energy conservat...



Enhancement of Energy Security
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Improving the Quality of Gas Equipment Installation Work and Passing on Skills

While we certainly care about the comfort and convenience of using gas appl...

CSR Data
Environmental Data

(2) Waste

Industrial Waste Category Unit FY2013 FY2014 ...

The Tokyo Gas Group Value Chain
Benefits of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

Benefits of LNG as Feedstock for City Gas

About LNG LNG is produced by cooling natural gas, which is primarily compo...

Contribution to the Environment
Targets and Performance

FY2017 Targets and Performance

Why Is this Materiality?   Climate Change Countermeasures To fulfill...

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Contribution to the Environment
Basic Policy

Chronology of Environmental Activities

Tokyo Gas has supplied energy to customers since its founding in 1895. It i...