Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group Sustainability Report

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Honorably received the highest rating in the Development Bank of Japan’s Environmentally Rated Loan Program.
We have updated our Sustainability site.
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CSR News Headlines

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Periodic Safety Inspections of Gas Equipment

Under the Gas Business Act, the Tokyo Gas Group periodically inspects gas e...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Promotion of Biodiversity Conservation

Efforts for Biodiversity Conservation

Promoting Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainability The Tokyo Gas Group...

CSR Data
Environmental Data

Compliance with Local Government Ordinances on the Environment and Energy

Tokyo Gas prepares and publishes the following plans and reports in accorda...

Technical Development
Realizing a Decarbonized Society

Technological Innovation of Gas-based CHP Systems

Customer expectations for CHP systems are rising in the areas of environmen...

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
Perspective of CSR Management

Tokyo Gas Group’s Goals of CSR Management

The Tokyo Gas Group has managed energy infrastructures as a pioneer in the ...

Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Contribution to Local Communities

Building Communities and a Way of Life that Is Safe and Secure

We are working together with local communities to build neighborhoods in wh...

Creating a Lively Organization
Employment Outlook

Transparent Hiring Practices

Our recruitment activities comply with the guidelines of KEIDANREN (Japan B...

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Lifestyle Services

Tokyo Gas Group’s Community-based Service System

To meet specific needs and foster a close relationship with each customer, ...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Expanding the Use of Highly Efficient Residential Gas Appliances and Systems

Popularization of Highly Efficient Kitchen Stoves

In 1998, Tokyo Gas began selling a kitchen stove equipped with highly effic...

Corporate Governance
Management Structure

Corporate Executive Meeting

The purpose of the Corporate Executive Meeting is to deliberate on measures...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Expanding the Use of Highly Efficient Residential Gas Appliances and Systems

Popularization of Highly Efficient Eco-JOES Water Heaters

While conventional residential gas water heaters have a maximum heating eff...

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2014 CSR Report (PDF)

2014 CSR Report (PDF) Page title Size ...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Supporting Career Development for Employees in their 50s

In April 2016, we established the Grand Career Support Program, which repla...

Special Feature 1
Contributing to a Sustainable Society with 50 Years of LNG Supply Technology

New Era of Natural Gas and Renewable Energy

According to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in...

CSR News Headlines

Technical Development
Stable Supply of Energy

High-safety Supply Equipment

High-safety Pipelines and Gas Holders For our city gas supply equipment,...

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Information Security Management

Basic Policies

Information security throughout our business operations is an essential par...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices at Business Offices

Saving Energy through Better Management of Equipment and Facilities

Saving Energy through Better Use of Equipment and Facilities We hold an en...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Environmental Management

Combating Soil Pollution

Since fiscal 1999, we have been conducting soil tests and groundwater surve...

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Urban Development

Building SENs

Expanding SENs   The Tokyo Gas Group focuses on SENs that capitaliz...

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Internal Audit Department

Our company has established the Internal Audit Department as an internal au...

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness


Safe and Swift Restoration of Gas Supply We strive to restore gas supply a...