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Third-Party Independent Assurance Report

About Third-Party Assurance

The social and environmental performance indicators (data on human resources and the environment)* provided in the Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report on this website have been third-party assured by KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., Ltd. (a member of the KPMG Japan group) to enhance the credibility of the data.
We will continue to raise our CSR standards by addressing the issues raised in the third-party assurance process as well as reader feedback received online and through other channels.

Third-party assured content is so indicated by a box next to the subject title.

Independent Assurance Report on the Tokyo Gas Group CSR Report
For Social Data
For Social Data
DFF Inc., Corporate Social Responsibility Sect, General Administration Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., Resources & Global Business Division, Energy Solution Div, Power Buisiness Dept., Pipeline Network Division, IT Division, Residential Sales Div., Fundamental Technology Dept., Energy Solution Div, Environmental Affairs Dept., Purchasing Dept. , Health Insurance & Employees' Welfare Sect., Personnel Dept., Internal Audit Dept., Audit & Supervisory Board Member's Office, Compliance Dept., Regional Development Div., Finance Dept, TGES, TOKYO GAS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.