Tokyogasgroup csr report

Enhancement of Energy Security

Overseas Business

Acceleration of Overseas Business Development

We aim to further increase and stabilize earnings by leveraging the overseas operations and human resources developed to date, and we will explore involvement in new projects (principally in Southeast Asia and North America) and development of operations in new areas.

Business development in Southeast Asia
Demand for natural gas is projected to grow in Southeast Asia, and we are accelerating our business expansion, particularly in the mid- and downstream sectors, by forming partnerships with leading local companies.
We are also opening a new representative office in Manila to launch activities to win new projects in the Philippines.
[Key Initiatives in FY2016]
  • Thailand: Participated in operation of Bang Bo Power Plant (350,000 kW).
  • Vietnam: Became involved in procurement and sale of LNG and construction and operation of an LNG receiving terminal through LNG Vietnam.

Business development in North America
We aim to win new projects in the upstream and power generating sectors in North America, where there are abundant opportunities for market entry.
[Key Initiatives in FY2016]
  • Joined a shale gas development project in the U.S. (in the Eagle Ford Shale in southern Texas).
  • Joined a natural gas power generation project at the Empire generation facility in New York State, U.S.

Projects that Tokyo Gas has joined
Project name Host country Project details Year of entry Interest
Bayu-Undan  / Darwin LNG Australia Production, liquefaction, and sale of natural gas 2003 3.07%
Pluto LNG Australia " 2008 5%
Gorgon LNG Australia " 2009 1%
Queensland Curtis LNG Australia "
 (coalbed methane)
2011 Production:1.25%
Ichthys LNG Australia " 2012 1.575%
Barnett shale gas U.S. Production and sale of natural gas (shale gas) 2013 25%
Eagle Ford shale gas U.S. Production and sale of natural gas (shale gas) 2016 25%
Gas Malaysia Malaysia City gas supply business 1992 14.8%
Bajio Mexico Natural Gas power generation business 2004 49%
MT Falcon Mexico " 2010 30%
T-Power Belgium " 2012 26.66%
Cove Point LNG U.S. Liquefaction of natural gas and sale of LNG 2013 49%
LNG Vietnam Vietnam Procurement and sale of LNG, construction and operation of LNG receiving terminal 2016 10%
Empire U.S. Natural gas power generation business 2016 25%
EPEC Thailand " 2016 28%
Eagle Ford Eagle Ford
Examples of Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions' Overseas Projects

Engineering project in Thailand

Since November 2013, TGES has been the project management consultant (PMC) for design and construction work on the second phase of capacity expansion at PTT LNG Co., Ltd.'s Map Ta Phut LNG Receiving Terminal in Thailand. This is the first time a Japanese company has been contracted to provide project management consultancy services for a project at an overseas LNG receiving terminal. The terminal's expansion will contribute to improved energy supply stability in Thailand.

Map Ta Phut LNG Receiving Terminal during Phase II construction
Map Ta Phut LNG Receiving Terminal during Phase II construction


Energy services in the U.S.

In 2015, TGES America Ltd. was founded and embarked on its first energy service project, which was the provision of steam and other energy services to a new plant built in South Carolina by the Toray Group. Energy services consist of heat, electricity, water, and other energy services that are efficiently bundled and delivered by an energy service provider using facilities such as gas cogeneration systems, boilers, air conditioners, and water treatment plants. They are designed to solve a variety of energy-related issues experienced by the customer.
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