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Promotion of Compliance

Basic Policy

Basic Policies

The Tokyo Gas Group aspires to be a sound business enterprise that earns society’s trust by ensuring all management and employee decisions and actions are rooted in legal compliance as well as ethical standards and public expectations. To this end, the Group promotes compliance in accordance with established basic policies.

Coordinated Promotion of Compliance by Business Departments Based on Basic Policies

Recognizing the importance of flexible and sustainable business activities in order to continuously adapt to changing business content and legal environments, the Tokyo Gas Group promotes collaborative cross-departmental efforts to strengthen compliance based on basic policies formulated each year by the Management Ethics Committee.
Under these basic policies, each department of the Tokyo Gas Group establishes and follows a PDCA cycle to review and improve its operations from the perspective of compliance.


PDCA Cycle to Promote Compliance

PDCA Cycle to Promote Compliance

Tokyo Gas Group Our Code of Conduct

This code sets forth the values and standards of conduct for everyone who works at the Tokyo Gas Group. From fiscal 2003 to fiscal 2016, the code spelled out seven pledges. In fiscal 2017, however, the code was revised in the form of 11 pledges that incorporate international standards such as ISO 26000, the Olympic Charter, legal amendments and other key developments.
● Tokyo Gas Group Our Code of Conduct

Purpose and vision

  • 1.“Our Code of Conduct” sets forth the values and standards of conduct that everyone who works in the Tokyo Gas Group is expected to share and follow in order to implement our Management Philosophy and Corporate Action Philosophy and ensure a focus on compliance in business.
  • 2.By following this Code of Conduct, we will contribute to the creation of an affluent society through the Tokyo Gas Group’s growth and development as a corporate group that people will continue to trust and make their first choice.
  • 1.We will constantly think and act responsibly as individual members of this “energy frontier corporate group” so that people will continue to trust our group and make it their first choice.

(1)Continual innovation

  • 1We will pursue continual innovation, unfettered by convention and ever sensitive to the expectations of customers, shareholders, and society.
  • 2We will create the maximum outputs working in partnership with one another, while being fully aware of our individual roles and responsibilities and committed to self-improvement.
(2)Doing more for the customer
We will put the customer at the heart of everything we do.
(3)Everyone is a brand builder
Day in and day out, we will strive to build the “security,” “safety,” and “trust” that underpin the Tokyo Gas Group’s brand value.
  • 2.We will constantly conduct business in a clear-cut and fair manner.

(1)Legal compliance

  • 1We will constantly conduct business in compliance with laws, internal rules and regulations, and socially accepted rules.
  • 2We will act swiftly to resolve issues where infringements of laws, internal rules and regulations, or socially accepted rules have occurred or may occur.

(2)Separation of professional and private spheres

  • 1We will not use our professional position for personal gain.
  • 2We will not use company property for private purposes.
(3)Active disclosure of information
We will enhance the transparency of business activities and actively and promptly disclose accurate information to customers, shareholders, communities, and other stakeholders in order to earn their trust.

(4)Firm stand against antisocial forces

  • 1We will stand firm against illegal and improper demands made by sokaiya racketeers, organized crime groups, and other antisocial forces.
  • 2We will not, under any pretext, give benefits to or otherwise accommodate the demands or interests of antisocial forces.
  • 3.We will deal with customers, business partners, shareholders, and all our stakeholders sincerely and equitably.
3-1. Customers

(1)Satisfaction beyond expectations

  • 1We will provide high value-added products and services that customers will make it their first choice.
  • 2We will always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes in order to deliver the best possible work that exceeds customer expectations.
  • 3In the event of a customer complaint or accident, we will respond swiftly and in good faith to prevent a recurrence.
3-2. Business partners

(1)Fair business dealings

  • 1We will respect business clients and suppliers as business partners and do business with them in good faith.
  • 2We will comply with the Antimonopoly Act and other applicable laws and ordinances, and will practice fair dealings in accordance with the principles of free competition.
  • 3We will not exploit our position or authority to obtain undue benefit or make unreasonable demands.

(2)Maintenance of proper relations

  • 1We will always be conscious of social point of view in our interactions with business partners, and will never commit any act that might cause misunderstanding or distrust from inside and outside the company.
  • 2We will maintain fair relations and do nothing questionable under applicable national and local laws and ordinances in our dealings with government and other public officials and employees.
(3)Understanding and observance of the Purchasing Guidelines for Business Partners
We will promote understanding and observance of the Purchasing Guidelines for Business Partners by our business partners and others along our supply chains, and we will require partner businesses involved in transactions with those companies to observe the same standards.
3-3. Shareholders
We will facilitate the appropriate exercise of shareholders’ rights through fair, timely, and appropriate disclosure and constructive dialogue.
  • 4.We will respect diversity and individuality among our colleagues and create an inclusive working environment.

(1)Respect for human rights

  • 1We will respect human rights, prohibit child labor and forced labor, and not discriminate or harass anyone on the basis of race, nation, religion, gender, age, origin, nationality, disability, education, social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other such grounds.
  • 2We will respect one another’s positions and treat everyone equally, irrespective of form of employment, gender, title, or any other differences.
  • 3We will not commit sexual harassment, workplace bullying, pregnancy discrimination and other types of harassment, discrimination against employees who take family care leave, or any other acts that infringe the dignity of the individual. We will also not allow to condone such acts.
(2)Attainment of excellent record of occupational safety and health
We will enforce compliance, including adherence to all related laws and regulations, and make every effort to eliminate the risks of disasters and accidents in order to establish an excellent safety and health.

(3)Creation of a cheerful workplace

  • 1We will create a lively workplace where everyone can realize their full potential and individual differences are respected.
  • 2We will create an open workplace where everyone can share necessary information and engage in free expression and discussion.
(4)Promotion of diversity
We will accept one another’s values and various work styles, and get the best from our own knowledge, abilities, and experience. We will also all work to raise productivity and meet the diversifying needs of society.
  • 5.We will act for the protection of the global environment.

(1)Promotion of environmental protection

  • 1As a leader in environmental management, we will reduce our environmental footprint and endeavor to make sustainable use of natural resources in every aspect of the Tokyo Gas Group’s business activities.
  • 2We will promote use of highly eco-friendly energy sources centered on use of natural gas, and provide high-efficiency systems and equipment that have a low environmental impact.
  • 3We will work with local communities to make people’s lives more environmentally friendly.
  • 6.We will contribute to local communities and society as a good corporate citizen.
  • 1We will respect and contribute to local communities, building trust with them through active dialogue and cooperation, and making effective use of our business resources.
  • 2We will contribute to local communities as good citizens, recognizing that we ourselves are all members of communities.
  • 7.We will handle information appropriately.
(1)Prevention of information leaks
We will handle confidential information obtained in the course of business properly and will not divulge such information during or after our employment at the Tokyo Gas Group.
(2)Compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information
  • 1We will obtain and manage the personal information of customers, employees, and others by appropriate methods and use such information only insofar as permitted for legitimate purposes.
  • 2We will not disclose personal information to third parties except where permitted by law.
(3)Appropriate use of information systems
We will use information systems, including email systems and the Internet, in accordance with strict rules on proper use. Company information systems will not be used for non-business purposes.
(4)Respect for intellectual property
We will respect patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights, protect and use rights held by our company, and not infringe the rights of others.
  • 8.While conducting business globally, we will not only comply with national and local laws and regulations and respect international standards on human rights and similar issues, but also engage in business activities in a manner that is sensitive to different cultures, customs, and stakeholders’ concerns.
  • 9.We will act with integrity and decency as members of society, and maintain high ethical standards in our private lives.
In our private lives, too, we will comply with all applicable domestic and foreign laws and regulations, be aware of changes in social expectations, and always be mindful of how we should behave as a model citizen.
(1)Compliance with regulations on insider trading
We will not engage in insider trading, such as the purchase or sale of shares and other such transactions, using information obtained in relation to business. We will not communicate information or recommend transactions to other parties to enable them to make a profit or avoid a loss.
(2)Prohibition of annoying or disturbing behavior
In our private lives, we will not injure or deceive others, commit indecent acts, or engage in any other annoying or disturbing behavior.
(3)Responsible drinking and compliance with traffic rules (including not driving under the influence of alcohol)
We will be careful to drink responsibly and will never drive under the influence of alcohol. We will always stop anyone who attempts to drive while drunk, and we will not encourage anyone who is driving a vehicle to drink and will not provide a vehicle to anyone who has been drinking. We will also obey all other traffic rules.
(4)Prohibition of possession and use of illegal drugs
We will not possess or use illegal drugs, and we will not be involved in any way in their manufacture, purchase, sale, distribution, or other such acts.
(5)Prohibition of gambling
We will never engage in any acts of gambling, including the betting of even small amounts of money on golf, mahjong, or sporting events.
(6)Compliance with rules on use of social media
If communicating information via social media, we will not commit any act, even as individuals, that might harm the reputation or property of the company.
(7)Compliance with other laws, regulations, social norms, and standards of ethical conduct, and prohibition of acts that outrage public decency
  • 10.If we transgress this Code of Conduct or learn of a transgression, we will immediately report the matter to our workplace and rectify it.
  • 11.Executives and managers will lead from the front and take action themselves.
(1)Awareness of position and conduct as executives and managers
  • 1Executives and managers will themselves provide models of compliance with this Code of Conduct and encourage understanding and practice of the same throughout the workplace.
  • 2Executives and managers will lead from the front in working to resolve any problem that may arise and ensure organization-wide action to prevent a recurrence.
  • 3Executives will take strict action (including against themselves) where necessary.

Tokyo Gas Group Our Code of Conduct
Tokyo Gas Group Our Code of Conduct
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