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Special Feature The Tokyo Gas Group’s Contribution to the SDGs
As a Total Energy Group Providing the Backbone for a Sustainable Society
The Tokyo Gas Group Value Chain Benefits of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
The Tokyo Gas Group’s LNG Value Chain and Key Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance
Management Structure
Audit Structure
Internal Control
Risk Management
CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group Overview of CSR Management
The Tokyo Gas Group’s Key CSR Activities and Materiality
Working Toward Better CSR Practice
Stakeholder Engagement
Enhancement of Energy Security Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Procurement of LNG
Overseas Business
Production of City Gas
Development of the Electric Power Business
Supplying City Gas
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness
Working to Ensure Customer Safety
Enhancing the Safety of Gas Appliances
Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Lifestyle Services
Contribution to the Environment Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Environmental Management
Climate Change Countermeasures

Addressing Climate Change

- Addressing Climate Change 

Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

- Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

- Advancing and Expanding Natural Gas Use with Highly Efficient Residential Gas Appliances and Systems

- Advancing and Expanding Natural Gas Use with Highly Efficient Commercial Gas Appliances and Systems

- Promoting Smart Networks

- Reducing the Transportation Carbon Footprint

- Proposing Exemplary Energy-Saving Lifestyles for Customers

Energy Savings and Reduction of CO2 Emissions in Business Operations

- Measures at the City Gas Production and Supply Stages

- Measures in the Electric Power Business

- District Heating and Cooling Services

- Measures at Business Offices

- Other Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Promotion of Resource Recycling
Promotion of Biodiversity Conservation
Promotion of Environmental Technologies Development

Contribution to Local Communities

Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Social Action Programs through Our Main Line of Business
Working with the International Community
Urban Development
Respect for Human Rights Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Initiatives on Respecting Human Rights
Promotion of Compliance Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Thorough Implementation of Compliance
Information Security Management
Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base Basic Policy
Targets and Performance
Employment Outlook
Personnel Programs and Appraisal System
Personnel and Career Development
Action on Diversity
Engaging in Occupational Safety and Health
Supply Chain Management Basic Policy
CSR Efforts throughout the Supply Chain
Communication with Our Suppliers (Supplier Survey)
CSR Data Environmental Data
Social Data
Governance Data
Third-Party Independent Assurance Report
Editorial Policy  
Disclosure of Incidents that Affected Our Stakeholders Important Notices in FY2017
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Major Awards and Recognitions

Major ESG Ratings  
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