Tokyogasgroup csr report

Decarbonization through Energy Supply

Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

The Tokyo Gas Group endeavors to reduce CO2 emissions at customer sites where the portion of CO2 emissions are the largest across our LNG value chain. Specifically, we promote the use of natural gas, for example by a fuel shift, by installation of distributed power generation utilizing combined heat and power (CHP) systems*1, by promoting the buildup of smart energy networks, saving energy services, and the use of renewable energy support. Additionally, we propose exemplary energy-saving lifestyles for customers.
*1 Gas engine-based CHP systems generate electricity and recover exhaust heat generated as a by-product.

Sponsoring Energy-related and Environmental Seminars

We have been sponsoring seminars on energy, the environment and community development since 2000, targeting local government policy planners. We invite experts to provide information on such issues as climate change mitigation and natural disaster prevention, with the number of participants reaching about 300 every year.