Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR at a Glance

Note: Data are as of March 31, 2019.

Stable Supply and Security

Total pipeline length 1.5 times around the Earth, Number of customers Over 11 million, Serious supply disruptions 0 cases

As a gas pipeline operator, we reliably supply clean city gas to more than 11 million customers via pipelines stretching a total of approximately 60,000 km, equivalent to 1.5 times the circumference of the Earth. In fiscal 2018, there were zero serious supply disruptions across the entire 60,000 km of our pipeline network.

Time taken from detecting a major quake to remote shutdown 10 minutes

We have installed approximately 4,000 seismometers within our service area so that gas supply is automatically suspended when a major earthquake is detected. We can also remotely shut down seriously affected areas based on additional earthquake information obtained from our seismometers.

Recovery support for the Osaka earthquake 1,200 personnel

City gas operators in Japan have established a mutual support system for the quick recovery of service after a major earthquake or other disaster. The Tokyo Gas Group dispatched 1,200 personnel at the time of the 2018 Osaka earthquake, which allowed for the resumption of gas supply to all households within six days.

Environmental Protection

Cumulative sales of ENE-FARM 110,000 units

The ENE-FARM residential fuel cell contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and can also be used as an emergency power source during a blackout. Cumulative sales of ENE-FARM reached 110,000 units in January 2018.

Total efficiency of CHP systems 82%

We have been steadily improving the total efficiency of gas engine-based combined heat and power (CHP) systems and have commercialized an industrial model that boasts a total efficiency of 82.5% in factory settings.

District heating and cooling service 44 districts

We can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions by supplying heat (air conditioning) to entire districts. As of March 2019, we operate these systems in 44 districts.

Reductions in CO2 emissions during city gas consumption at customer sites 4.52 million tons

By expanding the use of distributed power generation and building smart energy networks, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions by 4.52 million tons in fiscal 2018 from the fiscal 2011 level.

Recycling used gas pipes 100%

We have established a recycling system for used gas pipes with 100% of our used gas pipes recycled every year since 1999.

Human Resources and Organization

Number of employees 7,492 (Men 6,334 85%,Women 1,158 15%), Average years of service by gender (Men 19.5 years,Women 18.5 years), Percentage returning to work after parental leave 100%, Ratio of women in management 8.0%

We have been creating workplaces that promote diversity and supporting the career development of women. With little difference in the average years of service between men and women, 100% of employees who have taken parental leave have subsequently returned to work. We are also steadily increasing the ratio of women in management towards our goal of 10% by 2020.

Social Contribution

Number of participants involved as earthquake relief volunteers 2,100 (cumulative total)

To date, we have organized 47 relief volunteer activities related to the Great East Japan Earthquake, with a total participation of 2,100 employees and their families.

Number of students attending visiting lectures by employees approx. 1.1 million (cumulative total)

Since 2002, we have been conveying the importance of energy and the environment to children in an effort to help cultivate a “zest for life,” a goal of school education. A cumulative total of 1,125,872 students have attended our lectures.

Corporate Governance

Number of outside directors 4/9

The Board of Directors, which meets in principle once a month, is composed of nine directors including four outside directors, of which two are women. Directors serve one-year terms to clarify management responsibility.

Number of outside Audit & Supervisory Board members 3/5

The Audit & Supervisory Board is composed of five members including three outside members, of which one is a woman.
They audit the performance of directors to strengthen sound corporate governance.