Tokyogasgroup csr report

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company

Proactive Information Disclosure to Customers

Appropriate Information Disclosure

We proactively and appropriately disclose information in addition to providing community-based customer support to ensure the safe, secure and comfortable use of energy by customers.

Tokyo Gas Website

As an energy company with a public mission, we are aware of the importance of providing timely, appropriate information to our stakeholders. In addition to company information, we explain about safety and the use of our products and services via the website.
Providing Information on Our Website
 ・Company Information
 ・Important Notices
 ・Press Releases
 ・Important Notices on Home Gas Appliances
 ・Application for Gas and Electricity Services
 ・Guidance on Response to Earthquakes, Gas Leaks and Other Emergencies
 ・Information and Guidance on Daily Services
 ・Information for Corporate Customers

We also operate a membership website for customers of our electricity and gas services. Residential customers can refer to the myTOKYOGAS Membership website to confirm monthly gas and electricity usage and exchange points earned through the patronage program offered by tie-in partner companies, member privileges, environmental activities, or contributions to the Japanese Para-Sports Association. The myTOKYOGAS Business site provides commercial and industrial customers with a service that visualizes usage of monthly gas and electricity.

Tokyo Gas Website – Important Notices
Tokyo Gas Website – Important Notices
myTOKYOGAS residential membership website
myTOKYOGAS residential membership website  

Tokyo Gas Official Social Media

Tokyo Gas maintains a corporate Facebook page and Twitter account to offer instant access to our information. We post our seasonal information, recipes and other useful information for everyday life, including entertainment content such as Paccho’s (Tokyo Gas’s mascot character) Diary and disaster preparedness information on the safe use of city gas. In the event of a disaster, we share information through social media on how we are responding.

Proper Information Provision under Law, and Self-imposed Criteria

Despite the Tokyo Gas Group’s continued efforts to ensure the proper provision of necessary information on products and services, the commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency in July 2017 issued a cease and desist order against an event flyer that allegedly violated the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations. The Group has taken the incident seriously and is redoubling its efforts to ensure compliance with the law and properly advertise and label products and services. We will continue our efforts to provide proper information in cooperation with legal affairs personnel in the production of flyers, catalogs and pamphlets. We remain committed to ensuring the proper provision of information and labeling in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), guidelines of such bodies as the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association, our in-house regulations and other rules, so that consumers can confidently use Group products and services.
To ensure that customer can safely use our products and services, we also abide by the guidelines for appropriate information provision and other matters that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has set forth in concert with the full deregulation of the electricity and gas markets.
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