Tokyogasgroup csr report

Technical Development

Basic Policy

Challenging the Advanced Technical Development

Tokyo Gas is developing energy-saving equipment and systems that help to achieve a decarbonized society and secure stable energy supplies, and taking on the challenge of developing new technologies towards the goals of raising “Safety, Security, and Reliability” in the use of gas and delivering goods and services which bring our customers joy and emotion.

Key Initiatives

Realizing a decarbonized society
  • Promotion of expansion of city gas
  • Technology development towards further decarbonization (efficiency improvement and application of renewable energy in equipment for home, business, and industrial devices, system development to build smart energy networks, etc.)
Stable supply of energy
  • R&D to support pipelines and other gas supply infrastructure, to make sure city gas can be used with confidence, long into the future
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness
  • Promoting the advancement of safety techniques
  • Developing disaster prevention systems in readiness for major earthquakes and other disasters to achieve disaster-resistant and stable gas supply
Building communities and a way of life that is comfortable and safe
  • Research into lifestyles based on the provision of new values and services to enrich customer lives, and the technical development that further enhance the convenience of kitchens, bathrooms, underfloor heating, and other areas
Challenge for the Future Society
  • Proposals for business in diverse fields, which are unconstrained by the boundaries of the gas business, with its developed technologies and help to solve social issues with COemission reduction and energy saving
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