Tokyogasgroup csr report

Respect for Human Rights

Basic Policy

Basic Stance on Respecting for Human Rights

The Tokyo Gas Group recognizes respect for human rights as a prerequisite for all Group business operations toward achieving sustainable development in an increasingly global society. We consequently established Tokyo Gas Group Human Rights Policy in April 2018 based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other global standards to guide Tokyo Gas Group, comprising Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries, in promoting human rights and fulfilling our obligations.

Initiatives on Respecting Human Rights

Tokyo Gas Group Our Code of Conduct, which sets forth the standards of conduct for all employees, includes a pledge to respect human rights. Starting with the creation of vibrant workplaces that promote human rights, we provide training at each location to raise awareness and take action with a focus on respect for human rights, including international human rights issues. The code of conduct also includes a pledge to respect clients and suppliers as business partners and to conduct business in good faith.
We continuously ensure that our Purchasing Guidelines for Suppliers are thoroughly understood and followed and that subcontractors involved in our business with corporate partners also comply with them.
In addition, we implement human rights due diligence and steadfastly ensure respect for the human rights of diverse stakeholders throughout our business activities.
●Tokyo Gas Group Human Rights Policy
Approved by the Board of Directors of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.,
on February 23, 2018.

The Tokyo Gas Group (Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries) strives to fulfill its public mission and social responsibilities through its energy business, with the belief that creating a society that respects human rights is essential. We are aware that respecting human rights therefore becomes a prerequisite for all our business activities.
We established the Tokyo Gas Group Human Rights Policy (hereafter “the Policy”) based on the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to guide our Group-wide efforts to promote human rights and fulfill our obligations. The Policy is directly linked to the Group’s Management Philosophy and Corporate Action Philosophy and was determined with the approval of the Board of Directors of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. to stand as our public commitment to respect human rights.

1. Our Commitment to Respect Human Rights

The Tokyo Gas Group upholds and respects international norms on human rights, including the UN International Bill of Human Rights, which stipulates the basic human rights of all persons, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy. Moreover, we strive to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in our daily operations. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each country and region in which we operate. Where we face conflicting internationally recognized standards of human rights and national or regional laws and regulations, we seek ways to honor the principles of international norms on human rights.

2. Scope of the Policy

The Policy applies to all officers and employees of the Tokyo Gas Group (Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries).

3. Respect for Human Rights in Our Value Chain

3-1 We will seek to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts on human rights caused by stakeholders throughout our value chain, encompassing all processes involved in our business activities.

3-2 We respect our employees and those with whom we work, and we create a healthy and inclusive working environment.

3-3 We will sincerely deal with customers and strive to ensure safety and improve quality.

3-4 We will pay due respect to human rights in our business relationships. Where our business partners or entities in our value chain are causing or contributing to adverse impacts on human rights that are directly linked to our operations, products, or services, we will require the relevant entities to respect human rights and avoid infringing upon such rights.

3-5 We will seek to understand how our business activities may impact local communities and strive to cooperate with local communities.

4. Human Rights Due Diligence

We will identify and assess any actual or potential adverse human rights impacts and take action to prevent or mitigate human rights risks through an ongoing effort to develop and exercise due diligence to ensure respect for human rights.

5. Relief and Remediation

Where we confirm that we have caused or contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we will provide relief and remediation through legitimate processes.

6. Dialogue and Consultation

We are committed to engaging in dialogue and consultation with relevant stakeholders on measures for addressing potential and actual human rights impacts.

7. Human Rights Education

We will provide appropriate education and develop human rights awareness to ensure that the Policy is understood and embedded throughout our business activities so as to be effectively implemented.

8. Information Disclosure

We will disclose information on our human rights initiatives through various means, including our corporate website and CSR report.

Signing of the UN Global Compact

Tokyo Gas signed the UN Global Compact in March 2016 to demonstrate its commitment to protecting and respecting human rights and labor standards.

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