Tokyogasgroup csr report

Respect for Human Rights

Targets and Performance

Human Rights Due Diligence

Why Is this Materiality?

  • Human rights awareness provides the foundation for employees to achieve their full potential and for strengthening relationships with stakeholders.
  • Additional efforts to address human rights concerns are essential for implementing our GPS2020 management plan.

FY2017 Results and Evaluation

Criteria for evaluating KPIs
Target achieved (100% or above)
Target not achieved but improved from the previous fiscal year
Target not achieved

Note: Qualitative indicators with no evaluation axis are assessed on the basis of whether progress has been made since the previous fiscal year.

FY2017 Results Evaluation
Promotion of human rights compliance management

■ We held various training with level-specific training at its core, with 17,070 participants, to ensure that every Tokyo Gas Group employee respect human rights and to create a vibrant workplace.

■ Initial training for human rights promotion leaders and booster training for leaders were conducted at each workplace, with 353 participants.

■ Addressed 104 cases through internal and external consultation desks set up to provide support for communication and human rights issues in the workplace.

■ Held a workshop on persons with disabilities to address key human rights issues in March, with 350 participants.

■ Established Tokyo Gas Group Human Rights Policy, which came into effect in April 2018, to define the respect for human rights required of a global company.



Key Initiatives for FY2018 and Beyond

We reviewed the Tokyo Gas Group’s key CSR activities and materiality in fiscal 2017. Please visit the related link to view the latest information on our materiality and CSR KPIs.


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