Tokyogasgroup csr report


How We Implement CSR

CSR Initiatives

The Tokyo Gas Group strives to raise CSR awareness so that employees can understand how CSR can be realized through their work and put those insights into action in their daily jobs. A booklet summarizing the Group’s CSR and activities is given to all employees to deepen awareness, and we hold all types of training, and disseminate CSR information via our intranet, Group publications, and internal social media tools.
We deepen understanding of the SDGs among Group employees through SDGs-focused training and a video.

Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR

Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR

Tokyo Gas Group video explaining the SDGs

Tokyo Gas Group video explaining the SDGs
Sustainability and CSR Training

The Tokyo Gas Group provides awareness training by job level and workplace to introduce employees to the fundamentals and latest trends of CSR and SDGs, and to encourage them to think about how CSR relates to their jobs.

Training Programs in FY2019
Participants, etc. Number of sessions
Training on CSR Training by job level For first-year employees, third-year employees and newly promoted managers (organized by the Personnel and Compliance Depts.) 24 sessions
Training on the SDGs Training by workplace Workplaces that request training (planned and provided by the Sustainability Dept.) 6 sessions
Sustainability Dept., General Administration Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., Resources & Global Business Division, Energy Solution Div, Power Buisiness Dept., Pipeline Network Division, IT Division, Residential Sales Div., Fundamental Technology Dept., Energy Solution Div, Environmental Affairs Dept., Purchasing Dept. , Health Insurance & Employees' Welfare Sect., Personnel Dept., Internal Audit Dept., Audit & Supervisory Board Member's Office, Compliance Dept., Regional Development Div., Finance Dept, TGES, TOKYO GAS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.