Tokyogasgroup csr report

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group

Working Toward Better CSR Practice

Initiatives for Better CSR Practice

The Tokyo Gas Group strives to raise CSR awareness among employees so they can understand how to practice CSR in the course of their daily business. We do so by organizing training programs, distributing booklets and displaying posters summarizing the Group’s CSR and key activities and by providing CSR-related information via the intranet and internal newsletters.


Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group's CSR

Booklet on the Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR

Poster showing employees at work in key activities

Poster showing employees at work in key activities

CSR Training

Level-specific training, workplace-based training, and other forms of training are all used as opportunities to raise CSR awareness.
In March 2011, we jointly developed a CSR training card game called “CSR Every Day”* with NPO Plus Arts, which is used during training for each fiscal year. Employees who have participated in “CSR Every Day” in their workplace have offered comments such as: “I was able to deepen my understanding of CSR in an enjoyable way” and “I understood how my daily business activities and the Company are closely related to society.”

* The CSR training card game CSR Every Day is designed to encourage individual participants to think about and express in their own words how to meet society's expectations through their daily activities.


CSR training card game “CSR Every Day”

CSR training card game “CSR Every Day”

Participating in the card game

Participating in the card game
Workshop on the FY2017 CSR Report 
In December 2017, about 200 Group employees and executives attended a workshop on the FY2017 CSR Report, which included an explanation about the report, examples on how the report is being used, lectures on ESG trends by outside experts and time for an exchange of views.
We will continue to offer opportunities for employees to participate, think about and familiarize themselves with CSR.

Workshop on the FY2017 CSR Report

Workshop on the FY2017 CSR Report

Lecture by an outside expert Lecture by an outside expert

Group employees share their overseas experiences Group employees share their overseas experiences

Training on the SDGs
As a first step toward addressing the SDGs, we offer quizzes via the intranet and organize training designed to raise awareness of SDGs among each employee in an ongoing effort to spread the concept throughout the Group.


Training Programs in FY2017
  Participants Frequency/location
Level-specific training For first-year employees, third-year employees and newly promoted managers (organized by the Personnel and Compliance Depts.) 26 times
Workplace-specific training Workplaces that request training (planned and provided by the CSR Section) 4 times (including once at a subsidiary)
DFF Inc., Corporate Social Responsibility Sect, General Administration Dept., Corporate Planning Dept., Resources & Global Business Division, Energy Solution Div, Power Buisiness Dept., Pipeline Network Division, IT Division, Residential Sales Div., Fundamental Technology Dept., Energy Solution Div, Environmental Affairs Dept., Purchasing Dept. , Health Insurance & Employees' Welfare Sect., Personnel Dept., Internal Audit Dept., Audit & Supervisory Board Member's Office, Compliance Dept., Regional Development Div., Finance Dept, TGES, TOKYO GAS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.