Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group Sustainability Report

What's New

Honorably received the highest rating in the Development Bank of Japan’s Environmentally Rated Loan Program.
We have updated our Sustainability site.
Disclosure of Incidents that Affected Our Stakeholders

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
Perspective of CSR Management

CSR Management PDCA Cycle

We maintain a keen awareness of the evolving demands and expectations of so...

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Lifestyle Services

Always Reliable Services

So that customers can have peace of mind when using gas appliances, we addr...

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Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Accessible Bathrooms

Multipurpose, accessible bathrooms are available and equipped to accommodat...

Major ESG Ratings
Major ESG Ratings

CSR Ratings

The Tokyo Gas Group has been awarded the following ratings by third-party r...

Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Appropriate Shareholder Returns

Realizing a Total Payout Ratio of 60% In our Challenge 2020 Vision, we a...

Creating a Lively Organization
Communicating with Employees

Employee Awareness Survey

■I am satisfied with working at Tokyo Gas. ■I feel connected to ...

Ensuring Stable Supply of Energy in Japan and Abroad
Supply of City Gas

Transmitting Gas Safely

Technologies that Sustain the City Gas Business In developing our expertis...

CSR News Headlines

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Measures at the City Gas Production and Supply Stages

Measures to Reduce Methane Emissions

Methane accounts for less than 1% of the Tokyo Gas Group’s greenhouse gas e...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Basic Policy

The Tokyo Gas Group promotes workplace diversity as a corporate enterprise ...

Corporate Governance
Management Structure

In-house Committees

Important management issues concerning the Company’s overall policies requi...

Technical Development
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness

Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Preparedness System – SUPREME

Supreme is a real-time earthquake disaster prevention system to prevent sec...

Ensuring Stable Supply of Energy in Japan and Abroad
Supply of City Gas

Stable Supply of City Gas

The abundance of natural gas reserves around the world ensures a stable sup...

Technical Development
Challenge for the Future Society

Establishing a Foundation for Hydrogen Supply

Construction and Operation of Hydrogen Stations We construct and operate h...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Environmental Management

Environmental Risk Management

Mitigating Environmental Risks All business offices of the Tokyo Gas Group...

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Information Security Management

Information Security Promotion System

Tokyo Gas has set up information security systems for each division and dep...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Supportive Environment for Balancing Work and Childcare or Nursing Care

We practice a style of management that cultivates and maximizes the diverse...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices at Business Offices

Saving Energy through Better Management of Equipment and Facilities

Saving Energy through Better Use of Equipment and Facilities We hold an en...

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Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
LNG Value Chain and Key Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development

Tokyo Gas Group’s LNG Value Chain

❶LNG Procurement ❷LNG Transport ❸-1City Gas Production ❸-2Power Genera...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

  The ratio of persons with disabilities employed as of June 2019 was ...

Creating a Lively Organization
Employment Outlook

Employment Situation

As of March 31, 2019, our workforce totaled 7,492 (male: 6,334, female: 1,1...