Tokyogasgroup csr report

  • Enhancement of Energy Security
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Contribution to Local Communities
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Dialogue

We aim to be a corporate group that achieves continuous growth by diligentl...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Supplying City Gas

Transmitting Gas Safely

Technologies that Sustain City Gas Business As a gas supplier, we must mai...

Contribution to the Environment
Promotion of Environmental Technologies Development

Technological Innovations in CHP Systems

Improvement of Power Generation Efficiency and Total Efficiency CHP system...

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Procedures and Status of Internal Audits

Internal audits are made of Tokyo Gas and its subsidiaries, which are compl...

Respect for Human Rights
Initiatives on Respecting Human Rights

Human Rights Promotion System

System for Raising Awareness The Tokyo Gas Group has set up the 16-member ...

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Working Toward Better CSR Practice

Initiatives for Better CSR Practice

The Tokyo Gas Group strives to raise CSR awareness among employees so they ...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Personnel and Career Development

Development of the Human Resources System

Basic Policy With the belief that people grow through their work, we devel...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Engaging in Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial Accident Prevention

Industrial Accident Prevention Tokyo Gas has in place a company-wide occup...

Contribution to the Environment
Environmental Management

Managing Water Risk

The Group addresses water as a business risk and manages its use of tap wat...



Gas pressure differential power generation Generation of el...

Promotion of Compliance
Information Security Management

Protection of Personal Information

We recognize that properly protecting and handling personal information is ...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness


Quick Shutdown of Gas Supply to Prevent Secondary Disasters Our system is ...



Quick Shutdown of Gas Supply to Prevent Secondary Disasters Our system is ...

Recent CSR News Headlines

Contribution to Local Communities
Social Action Programs through Our Main Line of Business

Enriching Our Life and Culture

In light of the challenges posed by the aging population and its declining ...



Carbon offsets Credit for reduction in emissions of greenho...

Contribution to Local Communities
Targets and Performance

Building Communities and a Way of Life that Is Safe and Secure

Why Is this Materiality? To contribute as an energy company to the de...

CSR Data
Environmental Data

(2) Waste

Industrial Waste Category Unit FY2013 FY2014 ...

Recent CSR News Headlines

Enhancement of Energy Security
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Improving the Quality of Gas Equipment Installation Work and Passing on Skills

While we certainly care about the comfort and convenience of using gas appl...

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2016 CSR Report (Digest edition) / CSR Report (PDF) / Data

CSR Report 2016 (Digest edition) Contents Pages ...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Security System

Tokyo Gas maintains a 24-hour, 365-day emergency response system to prepare...

Supply Chain Management

The Tokyo Gas Group Value Chain
The Tokyo Gas Group’s LNG Value Chain and Key Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development

Overseas Upstream Operations and Midstream/Downstream Operations

Overseas Business Expansion Major Projects ...