Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group Sustainability Report

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Honorably received the highest rating in the Development Bank of Japan’s Environmentally Rated Loan Program.
We have updated our Sustainability site.
Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Improving the Quality of Gas Equipment Installation Work and Passing on Skills

To provide safety, security, and reliability for customers in addition to c...

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
CSR KPIs and Fiscal 2018 Outcomes

Key Performance Indicators for CSR

Materiality   Key Areas Materiality Strateg...

CSR News Headlines

CSR News Headlines

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Expanding the Use of Highly Efficient Residential Gas Appliances and Systems

Popularization of Highly Efficient Eco-JOES Water Heaters

While conventional residential gas water heaters have a maximum heating eff...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices at the Electric Power Business

Promoting Renewable Energy

The Tokyo Gas Group has been seeking to acquire renewable energy sources fo...

Creating a Lively Organization
Personnel Programs and Appraisal System

Personnel Programs (Roles and Qualifications System, Contribution-Type Personnel Management System)

Our Roles and Qualifications System puts employees into five categories bas...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Measures at the City Gas Production and Supply Stages

Actions at the City Gas Production and Supply Stages

Natural gas extracted abroad is liquefied at -162°C and transported by tank...

Technical Development
Challenge for the Future Society

Pursuing the Effective Use of Biomass

We are developing technologies that make use of biomass*1 in a bid to reduc...

Technical Development
Challenge for the Future Society

Establishing a Foundation for Hydrogen Supply

Construction and Operation of Hydrogen Stations We construct and operate h...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Management Commitment

The Tokyo Gas Group promotes diversity for our future growth and develo...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices of Smart Networks

Promoting Visualization of Energy Use at Office Buildings

■Office Building Visualization “TG Green Monitor” to Visualize Energy Us...

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Mutual Collaboration among the Audit & Supervisory Board Audit, Internal Audit, and Independent Auditors' Audit

In order to enhance the effectiveness of three-way auditing (Audit & Su...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Expanding the Use of Highly Efficient Industrial Gas Appliances and Systems

Development and Popularization of High-performance Industrial Furnaces and Steam Systems

The industrial sector dramatically reduces CO2 emissions by switching away ...

Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Initiatives for the Tokyo 2020 Games

Basic Policy

As a company operating in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where the Olympic an...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices at Business Offices

Effective Energy Use by Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems

Tokyo Gas started its energy-saving efforts with the introduction of a CHP ...

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2015 CSR Report (Digest edition) / CSR Report (PDF)

CSR Report 2015 (Digest edition) Contents Pages ...



LCA Life Cycle Assessment. A method of assessing how a...

CSR News Headlines

Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Promotion System

System for Raising Awareness The Tokyo Gas Group has set up the 16-member ...

CSR Data
Third-Party Independent Assurance Report

Third-Party Independent Assurance Report

The social and environmental performance indicators (data on human resource...



Material Balance Relationship between the amount of re...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Promotion of Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Activities with Our Customers and Local Communities

We participate in forest preservation activities at the Nagano Tokyo Gas Fo...

Major ESG Ratings
Major ESG Ratings

Information Disclosure through Communication Efforts

The Tokyo Gas Group has received the following recognition with regard to i...