Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group Sustainability Report

What's New

Honorably received the highest rating in the Development Bank of Japan’s Environmentally Rated Loan Program.
We have updated our Sustainability site.
Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Periodic Safety Inspections of Gas Equipment

Under the Gas Business Act, the Tokyo Gas Group periodically inspects gas e...



TES Tokyogas Eco System. A Tokyo Gas residential water...



Aging pipelines Gas pipelines under roads and customer site...

Creating a Lively Organization
Basic Policy

Basic Policies on Human Resources

Tokyo Gas has developed its personnel programs with recognition that its vi...

Promotion of Compliance
Basic Policy

Basic Policies

The Tokyo Gas Group aspires to be a sound business enterprise that earns so...

Creating a Lively Organization
Employment Outlook

Employment Situation

As of March 31, 2019, our workforce totaled 7,492 (male: 6,334, female: 1,1...

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
LNG Value Chain and Key Initiatives Contributing to Sustainable Development

Tokyo Gas Group’s LNG Value Chain

❶LNG Procurement ❷LNG Transport ❸-1City Gas Production ❸-2Power Genera...

Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Contribution to Local Communities

Working with the International Community

Tokyo Gas Southeast Asia Japanese Language Education Support Program The...

Corporate Governance
Management Structure

In-house Committees

Important management issues concerning the Company’s overall policies requi...

Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Urban Development

Building SENs

Expanding SENs   The Tokyo Gas Group focuses on SENs that capitaliz...

Technical Development
Stable Supply of Energy

High-safety Supply Equipment

High-safety Pipelines and Gas Holders For our city gas supply equipment,...

CSR Data
Social Data

Implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Education Programs

■Implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Education Programs*1 ...

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Collaboration on Audits within the Group

In the Tokyo Gas Group, Audit & Supervisory Board, Audit & Supervis...

Special Feature 1
We Can Create an Inclusive Society If We All Offer a Helping Hand and Heart

We Can Create an Inclusive Society If We All Offer a Helping Hand and Heart

In an inclusive society, everyone respects and supports each other, regar...

Corporate Governance
Risk Management

Risk Management System

Enterprise Risk Management System Tokyo Gas has set up an enterprise ris...

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Technical Development
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness

Ultrahigh Density Real Time Earthquake Disaster Preparedness System – SUPREME

Supreme is a real-time earthquake disaster prevention system to prevent sec...



LCA Life Cycle Assessment. A method of assessing how a...

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Proactive Information Disclosure to Customers

Appropriate Information Disclosure

We proactively and appropriately disclose information in addition to provid...

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Supply Chain Management

Conducting In-house Education on Procurement

In promoting CSR procurement, it is important that every staff member respo...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Energy Saving Life with Stakeholders

Energy Saving Life with Stakeholders

We offer lifestyle proposals, including the visualization of energy use and...

Special Feature 1
Contributing to a Sustainable Society with 50 Years of LNG Supply Technology

Introduction of LNG Shifted Japan’s Energy Environment

First imported to Japan by Tokyo Gas in 1969 and thereafter spreading throu...

Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Management Commitment

The Tokyo Gas Group promotes diversity for our future growth and develo...

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Information Security Management

Protection of Personal Information

We recognize that properly protecting and handling personal information is ...