Tokyogasgroup csr report

  • Enhancement of Energy Security
  • Contribution to the Environment
  • Contribution to Local Communities
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Contribution to the Environment
Promotion of Environmental Technologies Development

Pursuing the Effective Use of Biomass

We are developing technologies that make use of biomass in a bid to reduce ...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Personnel and Career Development

Education and Training System

Tokyo Gas takes a two-pronged approach to training personnel: developing ba...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness


Safe and Swift Restoration of Gas Supply We strive to restore gas supply a...

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Engaging in Occupational Safety and Health

Industrial Accident Prevention

Industrial Accident Prevention Tokyo Gas has in place a company-wide occup...

Disclosure of Incidents That Affected Our Stakeholders

Disclosure of Incidents That Affected Our Stakeholders

Contribution to the Environment
Environmental Management

Providing Group Employees with Environmental Education and Commendations

Environmental Education for Group Employees Our environmental education co...

Corporate Governance
Management Structure

Executive Officer System

By adopting an executive officer system, we have delegated substantial auth...



Enhancement of Energy Security
Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness

Routine Disaster Preparedness

Tokyo Gas has established a business continuity plan (BCP) and routine disa...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Supplying City Gas

Transportation Service for New Entrants into the Liberalized Retail Gas Market

We operate the Transportation Service Center, which was opened in response ...

Contribution to the Environment
Measures in the Electric Power Business

Most Advanced, Highly Efficient Natural Gas-Fired Thermal Power Plant

Tokyo Gas-affiliated power plants are operated by Tokyo Gas Baypower Co., L...

Major ESG Ratings
Major ESG Ratings

Inclusion in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Indices

The Tokyo Gas Group is recognized for the overall high quality and balance ...

Respect for Human Rights
Targets and Performance

Human Rights Due Diligence

Why Is this Materiality? Human rights awareness provides the foundati...

Contribution to the Environment
Promotion of Resource Recycling

Dealing with Waste from Other Business Activities

Dealing with Waste from Construction Work The Group deals with waste fro...

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Aging pipelines Gas pipelines under roads and customer site...

CSR Data
Environmental Data

Compliance with Local Government Ordinances on the Environment and Energy

Tokyo Gas prepares and publishes the following plans and reports in accorda...

Recent CSR News Headlines

Enhancement of People-Centered Management Base
Action on Diversity

Work Style Reform

Management tenaciously focuses on the value of “time” long working hours th...

Special Feature
The Tokyo Gas Group’s Contribution to the SDGs as a Total Energy Group Providing the Backbone for a Sustainable Society

The Tokyo Gas Group’s Approach to the SDGs

The Tokyo Gas Group has maintained energy infrastructures as a pioneer in...

Enhancement of Energy Security
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Improving the Quality of Gas Equipment Installation Work and Passing on Skills

While we certainly care about the comfort and convenience of using gas appl...

Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Internal Audit Department

Our company has established the Internal Audit Department as an internal au...

CSR at the Tokyo Gas Group
Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The Tokyo Gas Group pursues diverse forms of engagement based on its Stakeh...