Tokyogasgroup csr report

Tokyo Gas Group Sustainability Report

What's New

Honorably received the highest rating in the Development Bank of Japan’s Environmentally Rated Loan Program.
We have updated our Sustainability site.
Constructing a Robust Energy Platform
Working to Ensure Customer Safety

Safety Management System

The Tokyo Gas Group established its safety management system while recogniz...

Major Awards and Recognitions
Major Awards and Recognitions

Major Awards and Recognitions in FY2018

Recognitions for Products and Services   World Gas Conferen...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Best Practices to Reduce CO2 Emissions with Our Stakeholders

Best Practices to Reduce CO2 Emissions with Our Stakeholders

Promotion of Eco-driving We encourage employees to obtain green and safe d...




CSR News Headlines

Achieving Our Public Mission as an Energy Company
Proactive Information Disclosure to Customers

Appropriate Information Disclosure

We proactively and appropriately disclose information in addition to provid...

CSR News Headlines


Corporate Governance
Audit Structure

Collaboration on Audits within the Group

In the Tokyo Gas Group, Audit & Supervisory Board, Audit & Supervis...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

Reduction of CO2 Emissions at Customer Sites

The Tokyo Gas Group endeavors to reduce CO2 emissions at customer sites whe...



TES Tokyogas Eco System. A Tokyo Gas residential water...

Ensuring Stable Supply of Energy in Japan and Abroad
Supply of City Gas

Patrolling High-pressure Gas Trunk Lines

High-pressure pipelines are the arteries for transmitting city gas from our...

Tokyo Gas Group’s CSR Management
Perspective of CSR Management

Tokyo Gas Group’s Goals of CSR Management

The Tokyo Gas Group has managed energy infrastructures as a pioneer in the ...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Expanding the Use of Highly Efficient Residential Gas Appliances and Systems

Popularization of Highly Efficient Eco-JOES Water Heaters

While conventional residential gas water heaters have a maximum heating eff...

Major ESG Ratings
Major ESG Ratings

Inclusion in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Indices

The Tokyo Gas Group is recognized for the overall high quality and balance ...

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Sound Stakeholder Relationships
Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Realizing Two-Way Communication

Shareholders’ Meetings and Earnings Presentations We hold the Ordinary G...


Creating a Lively Organization
Action on Diversity

Supporting Career Development for Employees in their 50s

In April 2016, we established the Grand Career Support Program, which repla...

CSR Data
Environmental Data

Assessment of CO2 Emissions Reduction due to Reductions in Purchased Electricity

Amount of Thermal Power Generation Varies According to Electricity Usage I...



Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Energy Saving Life with Stakeholders

Visualizing Energy Use

Meter readings slips are distributed to customer sites every month so they ...

Decarbonization through Energy Supply
Environmental Management

Managing Water Risk

Recognizing water risk as a key management concern, Tokyo Gas seeks to mana...